Leveled Program (Ages 9-18)





Hip Hop

Class Levels in dance are determined by experience, maturity, and ability rather than age. Students may be placed in a level based on director and faculty recommendations and depending on the style of dance. A placement adjudication audition is usually arranged with the prior to entering a class. Placement auditions can be arranged by calling the studio.

Twice-Weekly Policy for Ballet and Jazz (Intermediate level and above) 3X-Weekly Policy for Ballet and Jazz (Advanced level )

Dual Enrollment required for all students in contemporary/modern. Student must be also enrolled in ballet.

In order to carefully nurture and instill the proper fundamentals of dance in a young mind and body, it is necessary for the students in the leveled program (int and higher) to take at least two technique classes a week in ballet. Anything less does not afford the student the opportunity to assimilate the information and practice the movement with the guidance of the teacher. Pointe class begins with the recommendation of the teacher only. Many factors must be evaluated before a student is ready to go on pointe. Each student progresses at her own rate and must be in a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week for at least 3 years to even be considered for pointe work.


  • Ballet: Girls: Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers (no house slippers please); Boys: Black leather ballet slippers
  • Tap: Flat black tap shoes
  • Jazz: Black leather slip on jazz oxfords
  • Hip Hop: Black jazz sneakers or black sneakers
  • Contemporary/Modern: No shoes, barefoot


  • Ballet, Jazz & Tap: Girls Ballet: Plain black camisole leotard, pink tights, and appropriate footwear. No attached skirts.
  • Jazz and Tap: Plain black camisole leotard, black jazz pants on top of pink tights 
  • Modern: Plain black camisole leotard, black capri leggings.
  • Boys: Black pants or shorts, plain white t-shirt, and appropriate footwear.
  • Hip Hop: All students: Black t-shirt (not sleeveless), black Capri pants (knees covered)




$45.00 Annual Registration Fee  ($25 if enrolled in summer)

$55.00 monthly payment = 1 hour a week

$99.00 monthly payment = 2 hours a week

$137.00 monthly payment - 3 hours a week

$235.00 month payment - 7+ hours a week (CAPPED COST)


$20.00 Registration Fee 

$100 summer month - meeting twice a week for four weeks