1. How can I enroll in classes?

Click the "Register Now" button. Once you register online, you will receive a confirmation email, and your spot in class will be noted. Once your registration fee is paid your spot will be confirmed then saved. If the classes you have chosen are full, we will contact you immediately to place you in the available class that fits your schedule the best. You can also sign up for classes over the phone by calling (813) 792-5299

2. Can I pay when I come to my first class?

Because of our small class sizes, we can only guarantee spots to pre-paid students. Should you wish to enroll please be sure to pay the registration fee to reserve your spot in class.

3. Can I come to see the studio and watch a class?

We would love to speak with you about our classes, however to respect the privacy and comfort of other students, we cannot allow you to watch the class from inside the studio. Although there are small viewing windows that you can look in.  If you would like to come see the studio and speak with the artistic director, please call and schedule a meeting time.

4. Where are you located?

We are located at 16541 Pointe Village Dr in the North Pointe Villages in Suite 203. We are on the second floor right next to Carabbaas Italian Grill.

5. When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Your payment becomes late after the 10th of the month.

6. At what age can I enroll my child?

We start students at age 3.  Most students are ready for the structure of dance class by age 3 although a few do better to start a little later.  We can usually tell within the first 3-4 weeks of class if they are ready or not.  Our cut-off date for turning 3 and enrolling in our season is September 30th.

7. Why am I in the same level as I was last year? 

Our syllabus is set up so that students above the pre level classes spend at least 2 years in each level.  One year to be exposed to the curriculum and one year to master the steps learned.  This varies some of course with individual students, some may take shorter or longer, but that is our basic premise.

8. Do you spend the entire year working on your recital dance? 

Our classes do not start working on recital/production pieces until January.  They then spend a few minutes each class learning the choreography until it is all learned, usually by Spring Break.  Classes always include a warm-up, center work and across the floor or combinations.  Their recital piece takes the place of other combinations.  As recital time nears they may spend a bit more time on the rehearsing but class will never be devoted only to learning the one dance.  We want our students to learn the technique needed as a dancer, not just to learn A dance. 

9. How do I know what class to enroll in?

If you are uncertain what class to enroll in please call the facility. In most cases students are placed by age but often will be asked to come in to be adjudicated so that they can be placed in the correct level.

10. What different styles or genres of movement do you offer at your studio?

We offer dance in various genres: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Tumbling and Musical Theatre.  Private lessons are available in all genres as well as Ballroom.

11. Do you compete regional and national competitions?

We are a non-competition based studio focusing on the retention of material based on the National Dance Standards. Suncoast Dance Theatre does have an audition based performance company that has numerous performance opportunities throughout the year as well as convention/workshops that they attend as part on their contract. If interested in SD CO please contact the artistic director personally.

12. What is your philosophy in the classroom?

All classes have a strict structure, which allows all students the opportunity to retain general class etiquette as well as all around National Dance Standards.

13. Once enrolled, what should my child wear to class?

Suncoast Dance Theatre has a very strict dress code. Please refer to the website for specific dance attire.

14. Do you have a recital or performance opportunity?

Yes we will have a mini-shows during class during parent observation weeks  and we will have a big recital outside of normal class time in June.  Suncoast Dance Theatre does have an audition based performance company that has numerous performance opportunities throughout the year as well as convention/workshops that they attend as part on their contract. If interested in SD CO please contact the artistic director personally.

15. Is there a registration fee?

Yes - there is a $45.00 registration fee for new students. This reserves class placement and off-sets recital fees. Please understand that popular classes reach their capacity quickly and early registration is recommended. Registered students who miss classes or withdraw before the end of the month are still obligated for the full amount of monthly tuition. Students are eligible for a prorated tuition refundonly if they must withdraw from classes due to prolonged illness or severe injury verified by a doctor's certification.

16. What are the fees associated with the end of the year production?

There is no recital fee. The registration fee you pay at the beginning of the year off sets this fee. There is a costume rental fee that will range between $45-$55 per class/costume. Students are required to have a nude leotard to wear over their class dress code tights. This leotard does not have to be purchased through Suncoast Dance Theatre but we will have some available for purchase. There are no other fees associated with performing. Of course there is tickets to purchase should you want to attend and or additional flower/DVD/ photo sales but those are all extra.

17. How much are classes?

Please check out the tuition scales under the “Our Classes” tab on the website. Each program has a specific tuition scale. Remember the more classes you take the larger discount you can receive.

18. When does dance season start and end?

Our dance season starts August 8, 2011 and continues through June 16,2012. Be sure to view our calendar online to stay up to date on closings.

19. Is there a viewing area for me to observe my child in class?

There is not a large viewing area but there are small 12X12 windows in each studio door where you can peek in as to not distract the dancers. Twice a year we have parents observation week where parents are allowed to observe dance classes and ask questions regarding dance.

20. What if my child misses a class, Is there a make-up policy?

You will be allowed to make-up the class by taking another class on our schedule that is for the same level or under. Just ask for assistance in finding a make-up class, or call the studio at 813-792-5299 or e-mail us at business@suncoastdancetheatre.com.  Students have 30 days to make up any missed classes or the class is forfeited.