SDCO Information

Our Performance Company is a group of dedicated, enthusiastic dancers who share a passion and drive for the art of dance. Company dancers rehearse and perform several times throughout the year in addition to their regular classes. Dancers ages 5-18 are welcome to audition.

If you are interested in being a part of our Company, please create a video depicting which level you are auditioning for and perform all necessary skills for that level in your video. Upload your video to YouTube then fill out the application below with the link to your video.

Company members will be selected before the beginning of the next season which starts in August.

SDCO General Requirements

All students MUST be enrolled in summer dance (minimum of ballet) to be considered for company. Also once selected, company members MUST attend a summer intensive usually at the end of July/ beginning of August for team building and repertory choreography. Depending on the size of the company this may extend to two weeks.  As a member of SDCO both dancer and parent will be signing a legal a binding contract. Auditioning for SDCO confirms that you are willing and able to commit to the aforementioned contract. 


SDCO mandatory intensive will be 2 weeks. (July 29- Aug 2 and Aug 5- 9)

Time Commitments:

  • § Company class

  • § Company Rehearsals

  • § All Company events (performances and trips)

  • § At least 2 convention competitions and/or workshops

  • § Fundraisers and benefits

  • § Choreography/Rep Summer Camp

  • § Continued Summer Education (Ballet based requirement)

Financial Commitment: (see link below for an example of financial commitment)

  • § Company fees

  • § Costume(s)

  • § Company Tracksuit

  • § Company Dress Code

  • § Company Duffle Bag

  • § Company Tee

  • § Fundraising

  • § Trips/Conventions/Competition/Workshops

  • § Choreography/Rep Summer Camp

  • § Dance Shoes (Varies on the number of dances you are in)

Dance Requirements:

  • § You must be enrolled full time as a student at Suncoast Dance Theatre in the required "level" courses

  • § Any class can be taken at the students level or below to meet "level" expectation

  • § Modern, Jazz, Tap are considered elective classes

“The Company Dancer”

  • § Positive attitude at all times

  • § Positive role model in and out of the studio

  • § Good example to the younger dancers

  • § Dress appropriately for dance class at all times

  • § YOU should have a drive and passion for dance

  • § Unconditional respect for ALL dance teachers, choreographers, and staff members

SDCO Audition Skill Requirements (subject to change)

Audition Application

DEADLINE to be considered for next season July 1st

(please be sure to make your youtube link is marked public so it can be viewed by those that have the link)

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Phone Number

If you are interested in renting studio space for filming please call the studio to arrange a time, if space and schedule permits.

Example Audition Video

This is a good example of a higher level dancer audition video for a professional dance team.